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A helpful reminder of the documentation required when refuelling in Poland

Release date:
October 2022
Overwing bp fueller
If you’re flying into Poland, you have a responsibility to understand excise duty rules. Here’s a reminder of what is required.


As a result of changes to the Excise Duty Act and the Customs Law of Poland, all deliveries exempted from excise duty must be reported by suppliers to EMCS PL2 System as soon as possible after delivery and must be within 5 days. Once a supplier has reported the delivery data, no changes on delivery tickets are allowed.


It is therefore important that the customers provide us with all the data necessary, prior to delivery, including:

  • name of the entity
  • registered office address
  • Vat No.
  • AOC document to exempt deliveries from excise duty


Please note:

  • The identification of an airline on the ground is based on IATA or ICAO codes. If an airline is contracted by the lease agreement with a third party (wet lease, dry lease, or other lease), the fuel buyer/ recipient must be indicated to the s seller prior to fuel delivery.
  • In case of sale via reseller, it is necessary to provide all the recipient's data on Fuel Release prior to delivery.


After we have submitted delivery data, changes cannot be made to the document under any circumstances and any excise duty specified must be charged.


Details of the fees that apply at different airports can be found by clicking the ‘fees and taxes’ link on the MyInvoice homepage.


For more information on our locations in Poland please click here.