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Air bp expands presence in China

Release date:
March 2022
Air bp expands presence in China at Chongqing Yongchuan Da’an General Airport (YGA)
If you have customers heading to Chongqing in southwest China, they’ll be pleased to hear they can now refuel with Avgas and Jet A-1 at Chongqing Yongchuan Da’an General Airport (YGA) - a new general aviation hub.


The addition of Chongqing Yongchuan Da’an General Airport to our global network in 2021 is a result of our joint venture (JV) with China National Aviation Fuel Group (CNAF) and Air bp General Aviation Fuel Company Limited (CGA), which was announced in 2019. 


With a 1,000m long and 30m wide runway, the air transport hub caters for a range of aircraft including those used for business and general aviation operations as well as flight training and emergency rescue services. The airport is also home to the Mianyang branch of Flight University of China – the world’s largest flight training organisation. 


Please note if you’re planning on refuelling at this location, you will need to request a fuel release a minimum of 24 hours in advance. This can be done via our price and fuel ordering tool or by contacting our 24/7 team.  



“We are delighted to commence operations at Chongqing Yongchuan Da’an as part of our partnership with CNAF. We are committed to expanding our presence in China and look forward to jointly working together to contribute to the sustainable development of China’s aviation sector,” commented Daniel Tyzack, managing director Asia Pacific, Air bp.


Richard Yang, general manager, Air bp China, added: “Customers will benefit from a winning formula of Air bp’s globally renowned global aviation fuels, best practices and innovative fuelling technologies combined with CNAF’s strong presence and local expertise.”  



Air bp has been a long-term partner in China’s commercial aviation sector with CNAF through its Shenzhen Chengyuan Aviation Oil Co., Ltd. and South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Co. Ltd joint ventures. The two joint ventures currently supply aviation fuel to 33 airports in central and southern China and we’re looking forward to expanding our presence in the country even further.