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Air bp scoops sustainability win and supplies SAF to ITP Aero

Release date:
September 2023
August finished on a high with Air bp winning Australian Aviation’s 2023 Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award. We are also delighted to be supporting Spanish aero engine and gas turbine manufacturer ITP Aero with its plans to use SAF. 


Australian Aviation’s Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award was in recognition of the first all-electric hazardous goods vehicle and refueller approved for use in Brisbane, where it has been operational since August 2022. 


Designed for customers lifting Jet A-1, the EV refueller provides a reduction in both operating and maintenance costs, as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, when compared with traditional diesel-powered refuellers. It is It is anticipated that the refueller will be introduced at other Air bp operated sites across the globe, including in New Zealand. 


Speaking at the awards ceremony, Justin Walker, Air bp’s technical sales director who accepted the award on the behalf of Air bp Australia said: “I am delighted that Air bp has been recognised for this project as we work towards our aim of becoming the energy partner of choice for sustainable aviation. We collaborated with SEA Electric and Refuel International in the EV refueller’s design and construction and so it represents a celebration of Australian engineering and manufacturing of zero fuel and zero-tail pipe emission technology.” 


Meanwhile, our agreement to supply SAF to ITP Aero follows the successful completion of engine testing using a SAF blend with the GE Aerospace CT708F5 engine, which powers the Spanish Ministry of Defence’s NH-90 helicopter.  According to GE Aerospace, ITP Aero is the first maintenance, repair and overhaul facility to commit to using SAF for its GE Aerospace engine testing. 


“We are very pleased to contribute to the decarbonisation of the Ministry of Defence’s operations by supplying SAF from our refinery in Castellón, the first refinery worldwide to obtain Carbon Offsetting & Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) certification. Our commitment to help decarbonise the aviation sector includes increasing the production capacity of SAF in Castellón to 450,000 tonnes/ year by 2027.” Andrés Guevara, Chairman of bp Spain. 


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