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bp welcomes collaboration with Aena

collaboration with Aena
We’re delighted to be working alongside the Spanish airport operator, Aena, on decarbonisation projects at Valencia Manises Airport (VLC/ LEVC). 


In line with Aena’s 2021-2030 Climate Action Plan, Valencia Airport will serve as a test bed with bp working on sustainability studies and initiatives at the air transport hub to help reduce carbon emissions. In addition to identifying innovative solutions to transition energy and mobility systems in and around the airport, the agreement includes the study of proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by airline customers, including the deployment of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 


“This collaboration with Aena is another step in our plans to contribute to the sustainability of the aviation and tourism sector through the decarbonisation of operations and mobility in airports nationwide and the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The transformation of our Castellon refinery into a clean energy hub and its proximity to Valencia places us in a favourable position to contribute to the decarbonisation of Valencia Airport,” said Andrés Guevara De la Vega, president bp Spain and vice president city decarbonisation. 


Our continued alliance with Aena follows our announcement to develop the largest green hydrogen project in the region at bp’s Castellon refinery in Spain. Castellon was also declared the world’s first refinery to receive CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) certification for the production of SAF in November 2021. 


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