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Bristow celebrates first SAF-fuelled flights

Release date:
February 2022
Bristow celebrates first SAF-fuelled flights
At the end of last year, we were thrilled to team up with Bristow to complete one of the first sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)-powered flights to an offshore operation in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). 


Our first collaboration with Bristow – the world’s largest helicopter operator - to enable a SAF-fuelled offshore revenue flight took place in December 2021 with the S-92 helicopter flying from Aberdeen (ABZ/ EGPD) to installations operated by bp. Additional flights took place in the weeks following with a view to SAF being provided as an option to all Bristow clients in the future. 


Produced from sustainable feedstocks such as used cooking oil, the SAF supplied by Air bp produces up to 80% fewer lifecycle carbon emissions than the traditional jet fuel it replaces. Using SAF for its operational flights is one of many initiatives being adopted by Bristow to significantly reduce its carbon emissions. The helicopter operator is also increasing the use of electric-powered ground support vehicles at select operating bases. 


"These first flights have given us the opportunity to demonstrate sustainable aviation fuel's capability and benefits in offshore transportation and are a great first step in our path to reducing carbon emissions. We've seen great enthusiasm for this initiative from colleagues across our business in our engineering, pilot and ground support teams and are proud to be able to take these first steps."


Matt Rhodes, director at Bristow.



For more information on Air bp’s SAF please click here.