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SAF takes off at Clermont Ferrand Airport in France

Release date:
April 2021
We have supplied sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to Clermont Ferrand Auvergne Airport (CFE) in France, marking our first ongoing supply of the fuel in the country


Our first SAF fuelling at Clermont Ferrand Airport took place on 19 April when the airline company Michelin Air Services, uplifted the fuel. According to agreed commitments, Michelin will be supplied with SAF on an ongoing basis at this location with all its volume supplied as the SAF blend. The demand from Michelin means that approximately 30% of the airport’s total volume will be supplied as this SAF blend.


Can Sterling card customers refuel with SAF at Clermont Ferrand?


We are looking forward to supplying SAF to other GA customers at this location and encourage you to contact your account manager to discuss your SAF refuelling requirements.


Made from waste-based feedstocks, such as used cooking oil, which is blended with traditional jet fuel, the SAF blend supplied by Air bp is around 35% SAF.  The SAF component provides a lifecycle carbon reduction of around 80% compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces.


“Michelin Air Services is committed to decarbonising its flights with the use of the biojet supplied by Air bp, thereby illustrating the Michelin Group’s “All Sustainable” strategy. With Air bp, Michelin Air Services has found a partner that listens, makes proposals and is efficient in its implementation of this shared approach to
seeking lower carbon options in the aviation sector"

Corine Brunet, CEO, Michelin Air Services.


For more information on this location please click here. For information on purchasing SAF at this location please contact your account manager.


To find out more about Air bp’s SAF, please click here.