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Expanding our presence in New Zealand

Release date:
July 2023
Air bp fuel tanker New Zealand
If you’re heading to New Zealand, then you’ll be pleased to hear we have added five new locations to our network, including: Thames Aerodrome (TMZ) and Albany Helipad in the North Island and Oamuru Airport (OAM), Motueka Aerodrome (MZP) and Nelson Airport (NSN) in the South Island.


We now operate at close to 50 locations throughout the country, all of which benefit from bp’s world-class operating and safety standards. At four of the five locations you can now refuel with easy-to-use self-serve machines. We have also updated bowsers and other equipment and are planning further investment across our New Zealand network.


Both Jet A1 and Avgas are available at Thames Aerodrome and Motueka Aerodrome, while both Oamuru Airport and Albany Helipad supply Jet A1 and Nelson Airport offers into-plane services to the commercial airline sector.


Scott McCarthy, Air bp’s general aviation sales manager, ANZ said: “We are pleased to be growing our network in New Zealand, which is an important market for Air bp. This latest acquisition enables us to strengthen our presence in New Zealand particularly in the general aviation sector, to build new relationships with customers and grow established relationships by having a broader offer to the New Zealand aviator.”



For more information on our locations in New Zealand, please click here.