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Expanding our presence in Brazil

Release date:
February 2023
We are thrilled to have started the new year with the addition of Farol de São Tomé (TMS) heliport in Rio de Janeiro to our fuelling network. Air bp is the sole fuel supplier located at this location, which is one of the largest heliports in Latin America. 


Our new 13-year agreement with Farol de São Tomé heliport, which serves more than 60 helicopter movements daily, means we are now present in six of the seven heliports that cater for transport to and from oil platforms in Rio de Janeiro. Farol de São Tomé covers 80% of air activities in the Campos Oil Basin and places a huge focus on ensuring excellence in operational safety. 


We will supply fuel in bulk at this location, where customers will also benefit from our fuelling expertise and 24-hour operations. 


The offshore oil business in Brazil is poised for growth with domestic oil production expected to increase from 1.9 million barrels a day to 3.8 million barrels a day in the next couple of years. In line with this growth, we are delighted to be strengthening our presence in the country and supporting its aviation and offshore sector. 


This location will soon feature on our where to find tool.