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Expanding our services in Brazil

Release date:
September 2022
If you’re heading to Brazil, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Air bp is investing R$50 million in its facilities in Paulínia as well as its operations at Congonhas Airport by 2024. 


With Brazil’s aviation sector showing strong signs of recovery, Air bp is focusing its investments in the areas of infrastructure, necessary to support sustainable growth. One of our current investments is a refuelling project at Congonhas Airport in São Paulo. The new facility is expected to start operating in 2024, serving commercial and general aviation flights. 


Air bp is also developing a new supply terminal in Paulínia also in São Paulo, which we hope to inaugurate in 2023. The new terminal will increase logistical flexibility and provide more options for customers, serving primarily the growing market in São Paulo. Around R$50 million will be invested in both the Paulínia, as well as the Congonhas Airport project. 


Both projects were announced during this year’s LABACE, which took place in São Paulo in August and which we were delighted to support. 


“During LABACE, we had the opportunity to talk directly, understand the new trends and listen to the customers’ needs. As we are in the middle of an upturn, this chance to get closer and listen is very important, as it enables us to create service perspectives to always offer the best solutions to the market and partners.” Ricardo Paganini, president of Air bp South America. 


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