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Gliding all the way to the top

Release date:
August 2023
This year marked the 12th Women’s World Gliding Championship, which took place during the first two weeks of July at Garray Airfield in Soria, Spain. We were delighted to support the event both as a sponsor and fuel supplier. 


Promoting diversity and inclusion in aviation, the Women’s World Gliding Championship is an important fixture in the aerospace calendar. The event saw 48 gliders from 15 countries compete in the event, which took place over 14 days with gliders racing over thousands of kilometres. 


A family friendly event, it was great to see so many young people getting involved with gliding-related activities and ground displays and being inspired about the role of women in aviation. While the gliders obviously didn’t require any fuelling, Air bp was proud to supply safe, reliable fuelling services for the aircraft that were used to launch the gliders.


Congratulations to the Czech Republic for winning the team cup and to all those who participated.


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