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Heading to Bari?

Release date:
July 2023
Depot at Bari Palese Airport
If you’re flying to Bari Palese Airport (BRI/ LIBD) and refuelling with Avgas or UL91, then you’ll be pleased to hear we have opened a new kerbside depot in addition to offering Jet A-1.


The state-of-the-art Avgas and UL91 depot marks the first time that the latter has been available in Italy. The facility has also been designed with sustainability at its core. Photovoltaic panels provide 100% of the depot’s energy requirements and therefore help reduce emissions in line with Air bp’s net zero goals. Segregated fuel storage and dispenser equipment, alongside Air bp’s strict misfuelling prevention policy, also enable engineers to handle both products safely and reliably throughout the refuelling process.


“This pilot project at BRI reaffirms our interest in developing our GA footprint across the region and underlines Air bp’s efforts to reduce emissions across its operations; I am thrilled to see UL91 now available in Italy.” Jacopo Boschetti, Air bp Italia sales manager.



Open from 06.00 to 22.00 the airport is conveniently located less than 10km from the centre of Bari and serves as a gateway to the southern Italian region and Adriatic Sea. As well as must-visit historic and religious sites, the port city is home to a buzzing food and restaurant scene.


For more information on this location, please click here.