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HSSE spotlight

Release date:
October 2023
In this new section of our newsletter we highlight different areas of interest for Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE). This month Mauricio Carrelhas, HSSE manager and operations lead, North and Central Europe explains why Air bp has a misfuelling prevention procedure. 


Delivering the incorrect fuel into an aircraft can have serious, potentially fatal consequences, which is why Air bp has a misfuelling prevention procedure in place. The procedures are supported as well by an engineering barrier, which ensures that all levels of protection are in place. 


What is a decal and why is needed for refuelling?

Located next to the fuel tank inlet on an aircraft, the decal is a sticker which denotes the fuel grade required in your aircraft. To make it easily visible, the decal is typically white text on a black or red background, depending on the grade of the fuel. 


How does it work?

Our operators always perform a three-way cross check before refuelling an aircraft. First, they confirm the fuel request form, then they check the decal that is on the aircraft. Once that’s done, they will confirm the fuel grade in the truck or fixed equipment is correct. That is where the Air bp engineering barrier plays its part. 


What happens if you don’t have a decal?

Sometimes you might find your decal is faded, has been painted over, or is simply missing. Don’t worry though as our operators are prepared and carry spare ones with them to distribute to customers. Attaching a decal won’t cause any damage to your aircraft, but please note that customers must attach the decal to their aircraft themselves. 


Added benefit of Air bp’s safe2go fuel data platform

While people are generally a reliable barrier to preventing an aircraft being fuelled with the incorrect fuel, Air bp doesn’t rely solely on the people barrier in isolation. We have deployed our award-winning patented misfuel prevention technology – the safe2go fuel data platform - across our network of operated locations to eliminate the ‘one in a million’ human error that can happen when refuelling an aircraft. The cloud-based platform consists of several digital solutions that provide efficiencies to the refuelling process. The app is on a hand-held device which captures all the fuel volume readings from the meter on the vehicle and performs several checks, including scanning the decal, that need to be satisfied electronically before the refuelling starts. It then electronically captures customer details, which are confirmed with an electronic signature from the pilot or airline. Our safe2go fuel data platform is now also being marketed to fuel operators at non-Air bp operated locations to benefit others. 


While the safe2go fuel data platform provides added protection when refuelling takes place, you can still expect the Air bp operator to check the decal and request confirmation of the fuel grade. So, if you don’t have a decal, just ask the operator or your local Air bp account holder and they'll be happy to supply one. 


For more information on our misfuelling prevention procedure click here.