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Kwinana plans to be one of region’s largest sustainable fuel hubs

Release date:
March 2023
As one of five biofuels projects that bp plans to deliver globally, Kwinana in Pilbara, Australia, is expected to be one of the region’s largest sustainable fuel hubs.


The Kwinana Renewable Fuels project is part of the global multi-billion dollar investment by bp and will see existing refining infrastructure repurposed to produce drop-in fuel products that have the ability over time to support the decarbonisation of aviation and heavy industry, subject to regulatory and State government approvals.


SAF and renewable diesel from sustainable feedstocks is expected to be produced using existing terminal operations at Kwinana from 2026. Plans are also afoot for green hydrogen production at the plant, with a feasibility study currently being assessed. 


“Kwinana illustrates the power of the Australian economy and its ability to reinvent itself for the energy transition. This project is the first of its kind globally for bp and a first for Australia. It recognizes the importance of our Kwinana site and Western Australia in the energy transition, so we’re thrilled to say bp is progressing with engineering plans for Kwinana.” Frederic Baudry, president, bp Australia and SVP fuels and low carbon solutions, Asia Pacific. 


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