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Lingen refinery starts SAF production using waste and residues

Lingen refinery
Further demonstrating our commitment to decarbonising aviation, Air bp’s parent company, bp, has completed an industrial first in Germany producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from used cooking oil at its refinery in Lingen. 


The bp plant in Lingen is the first production facility in Germany to use co-processing to produce SAF from waste and residues. 


Co-processing is a method whereby used cooking oil is mixed with crude oil to produce SAF. It’s a process that doesn’t require new infrastructure to be built, so bp has been able to continue operating its existing Lingen plant with some modifications and extensions while making a direct contribution to decarbonisation. Refineries can leverage co-processing technology at scale for both air and road transport. 


Production at Lingen is part of bp’s aim to have a global market share of 20% for SAF. 


“SAF is one of the aviation industry’s key routes to reducing carbon emissions, so this is exciting news for Air bp and the industry as a whole. Co-processing is an important step in replacing fossil fuel with renewable feedstocks within refineries. This production of SAF at Lingen will open up new supply opportunities in the region.”

Martin Thomsen, CEO, Air bp. 



For more information on bp’s Lingen refinery please click here and for more information on Air bp’s SAF please click here.