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Looking back at ACE

Release date:
October 2021
ACE 2021, Air Charter Association panel of speakers
Last month we were delighted to attend and support the Air Charter Expo (ACE), which took place at London Biggin Hill Airport on 14 September


As well as sponsoring the coffee area which proved a popular meeting and networking point throughout the day, Air bp’s global marketing manager, Laura Bowden, joined a ‘Green Charter’ panel to discuss the role of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in helping the industry reduce its carbon emissions. She also highlighted Air bp’s recently launched ‘book and claim’ solution, which makes SAF more accessible for all. As Laura explained, the solution enables us to deliver SAF into the supply chain at one airport location and ‘book’ the carbon reduction associated with it into a registry. A customer can then ‘claim’ carbon reductions by purchasing the benefit of the lifecycle carbon reductions that have been registered alongside their traditional jet fuel.


With around 1,200 people attending in person and several hundred more joining the conference sessions online the expo was a huge success and it’s great to see in-person events starting to fill up the calendar again.


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