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myairbp is ready for take off

Air bp’s new home for pricing and ordering, myairbp, will be launched shortly, making it quicker and easier to manage your Air bp account.

You will be able to use myairbp to access the latest product prices, order products, manage orders and easily make contact with Air bp, all in one dedicated platform.  


The new system brings our original ordering platforms, Adhoc24 and myaccount, into one new location. With a self-service login and password management experience, the new platform is easy to access, and with English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish language options, easy to understand.


How does myairbp work?


  • Start by selecting from one of our 700+ locations.
  • Tell us which currency and unit of measure you’d like to see an offer in.
  • Download a price including taxes & fees to share with colleagues, save a fuel offer, and complete an order later. 
  • Confirm your time of arrival and departure, refueling and aircraft registration.
  • Arrive at your location, receive your fuel and off you go.


Look out for our emails inviting you to register for the new platform.