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Fuelling the Beluga with SAF

Release date:
April 2021
Fuelling the Beluga with SAF
Watch this short video to find out how it all happened with Air bp supplying SAF to Airbus at Hawarden Airport in Wales.

We’re delighted to now be supplying sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at Airbus owned Hawarden Airport (CEG) in Flintshire, North Wales.


The SAF being supplied to Airbus at Hawarden will be used to refuel the aviation giant’s Beluga aircraft, which is used to transport aircraft wings from its Broughton plant to Toulouse, Hamburg and Bremen.


Hawarden is the second Airbus European site to use SAF, after Air bp supplied the fuel to Airbus in Hamburg for its cargo activities at the end of 2019.


Tony Derrien, sustainable aviation fuels project manager, Airbus described the first flight by a Beluga transporter from its Broughton plant in the UK as an “important milestone in Airbus’ ambition to decarbonise its industrial operations.”

Meanwhile Andy Owen, Beluga line station manager at Broughton, added: “The progressive deployment of SAF at Airbus’ sites is an essential part of our decarbonisation roadmap. We’re proud that Broughton has become the second Airbus site to introduce SAF in its Beluga-fleet operations.”


Hawarden expects to have SAF available on an ongoing basis and it demonstrates the importance of collaboration between fuel supplier, airport and customer to help drive demand and meet the industry’s lower carbon goals.


The SAF supplied by Air bp is made from waste based sustainable feedstocks such as used cooking oil, which is blended with traditional jet fuel. The SAF blend supplied is around 35% SAF and the SAF component provides a lifecycle carbon reduction of around 80% compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces.


To find out more about Air bp’s SAF, please click here.