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Ongoing SAF supply for German HEMS operator

Release date:
April 2023
We are delighted to be strengthening our collaboration with DRF Luftrettung – one of the largest helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) operators in Europe - through an ongoing supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at its heliport in Magdeburg (ZMG/ EDBM), eastern Germany. 


In co-operation with Safran Helicopter Engines and Airbus Helicopters, DRF Luftrettung is investigating the use of SAF on its fleet of Airbus H135 helicopters. We are supplying the HEMS operator with SAF for an initial period of six months. 


“As a non-profit organisation that has been saving lives for 50 years, we see it as our responsibility to act sustainably. With the trials of SAF at our Magdeburg station, we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions in air rescue – a first, albeit small, step towards flying in a climate-neutral manner in the long term.” Dr. Krystian Pracz, CEO of DRF Luftrettung. 



While the focus initially is on supplying SAF to the rescue operator at their heliport in Magdeburg, ultimately the plan is to supply all the heliports DRF Luftrettung operates from across Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. 


“We are delighted to extend our collaboration with DRF Luftrettung by agreeing to supply their rescue flights with SAF. We believe that SAF is key to decarbonising aviation and while this latest agreement is part of a pilot project, the aim is to supply this customer with an ongoing supply of SAF at all their heliports going forward.” Stefan Klenke, Air bp regional sales manager, Germany.



Golden jubilee


DRF Luftrettung is celebrating its 50th anniversary this April. We would like to take this opportunity to wish the team all the best for this milestone birthday and to thank them for their valued work in providing emergency and rescue services throughout Germany and the surrounding region. 


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