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Out and about March 2022

Out and about March 2022
We’re delighted to see our events calendar rapidly filling up with in-person and virtual events for the year ahead. Last month saw us attending and speaking at a couple of events, including the Alabama Airbus Sustainability event in the US and the PNPTC Exploration Day. We’re looking to forward to seeing you out and about at various events in March.


February saw our global aviation sustainability director, Andreea Moyes, join a panel of speakers for an Airbus sustainability event held in Mobile, Alabama on 1 February. The topic for the day was ‘Building the framework of sustainable aviation’. Andreea also spoke at the PNPTC Tech Trends 2022 Exploration Day on 17 February to discuss the role that integrated energy companies such as Air bp have in reimagining energy. 


This month, we supported Corporate Jet Investor London 2022 on 8-9 March, where Valerio Ferro, Air bp’s vice president sales and marketing, joined a panel to discuss why business aviation needs to focus on sustainability. 

Meanwhile, Laura Bowden, Air bp’s global marketing manager spoke on how to incentivise sustainable aviation fuel and SAF’s role on the journey to net-zero at the BBGA Annual Conference on 10 March. We also participated in the Flight Global Sustainability webinar on 10 March and are looking forward to the GAMA SAF technical workshop on 22 March. 

We look forward to seeing you out and about.


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