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Release date:
April 2023
While March finished with Teruel Airport’s 10th anniversary celebrations, April will see us supporting and attending both virtual and in-person events with members of our team participating in the China Green Aviation Development Forum and Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany. 


Last month saw us out and about at various events, including the 10th anniversary celebrations at Teruel Airport in Spain – the largest aircraft storage area in Europe. The celebrations, which took place on 25 March, saw different activities taking place throughout the day with various airport partners collaborating in the festivities. As the sole fuel supplier at Teruel, our team were on hand to mark the occasion and wish the airport a very happy 10th anniversary. We were also delighted to attend the British Business and General Aviation Association’s (BBGA’s) annual conference, which was held in London and which was focused on sustainability as well as the challenges and opportunities for retaining and recruiting the workforce. We also attended ABLC 2023 in the US, with Andreea Moyes, Air bp’s head of sustainability joining a panel discussion on SAF, while Laura Bowden, Air bp’s global marketing manager joined a panel at this year’s Heli Investor in London. 


With April now underway, the month began with the China Green Aviation Development Forum in Weihai, Shandong, at which Air bp’s CEO Martin Thomsen delivered a virtual presentation. From the 19-22 April we are also looking forward to supporting this year’s Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany. 


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