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Refuel with Avgas in Finland

Release date:
May 2021

Tampere Finland

If you’re heading to Tampere- Pirkkala Airport (TMP/ EFTP) in western Finland, then in addition to Jet A-1 you can now refuel with Avgas 100LL using our new self-serve facility. This marks our first location in Finland where you can refuel with Avgas. Bulk supply is also available

Owned and operated by the Finnish airport operator, Finavia, Tampere-Pirkkala is located around 17km from Tampere and 13km from Pirkkala. It also offers easy access to the surrounding regions. Inside the airport terminal you’ll find a café and fully licensed restaurant as well as a selection of VIP meeting rooms.


Sustainability features highly on Finavia’s agenda and it has successfully achieved carbon neutrality across all the airports in its portfolio. In line with Air bp’s own ambition to be a net zero company, Finavia is now working towards a goal of net zero carbon emissions as early as 2030.


Wedged between two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, Tampere is a major urban, economic and cultural destination in Finland. Tammerkoski rapids flow through the city centre, forming the backdrop for old industrial buildings that now serve as idyllic restaurants, museums and shops. It’s also a gateway for summer fun with plenty of outdoor markets and restaurants, lake swimming, bicycle and hiking trials all on offer.


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