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Refuel with SAF at London Biggin Hill

Release date:
April 2021
Safe refuelling at London Biggin Hill
We’re thrilled to now be supplying SAF at London Biggin Hill (BQH)


If you’re heading to the UK capital, then you can now refuel with SAF at London Biggin Hill.


The SAF supplied by Air bp is made from waste based sustainable feedstocks such as used cooking oil, which is blended with traditional jet fuel. The SAF blend supplied is around 35% SAF and the SAF component provides a lifecycle carbon reduction of around 80% compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces.


“By offering Air bp’s sustainable aviation fuel to all our customers and resident businesses, we are helping them to meet their sustainability goals too, and vitally, contributing to our industry’s aim for a net zero carbon future,” said Stephen Elsworthy, manager of fuel services at London Biggin Hill.

Meanwhile, Andreea Moyes, sustainability director, Air bp, added: “We are excited to see these ongoing commitments to SAF supply. Stakeholders’ willingness to invest in SAF and collaborate with us will help drive demand and deliver carbon reductions compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces. We are committed to working with stakeholders to explore the viable sale and purchase of SAF, which we believe is one of the aviation industry’s key routes to reducing carbon emissions.”



A dedicated business aviation hub, London Biggin Hill offers a six-minute helicopter transfer service to and from the heart of London. General and business aviation customers are well catered for with a range of aircraft maintenance and concierge services. In addition to SAF, both traditional Jet A-1 and Avgas are available here.


In addition to London Biggin Hill, we are also now offering SAF on an ongoing basis at Centreline FBO in Bristol, as well as to Airbus-owned Hawarden Airport in North Wales.


For more information on this location, please click here.  For information on purchasing SAF at this location please contact your account manager.


To find out more about Air bp’s SAF, please click here.