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Refuelling in Dusseldorf?

Release date:
April 2021
If you’re heading to Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region, then we’re delighted to now offer Jet A-1 to our general aviation customers at Dusseldorf Airport (DUS/ EDDL) via AFS on the main ramp


Business jets flying to and from Dusseldorf can now refuel with Jet A-1 via Aviation Fuel Services (AFS) on the main ramp. Please note we do not offer an overwing service.


Situated around 8km north of Dusseldorf itself, the airport is the third largest in Germany and offers two runways to serve both departing and arriving flights. Business and general aviation customers are well catered for with a dedicated executive terminal offering a comprehensive range of VIP services.


Perched on the banks of the Rhine and easily accessible from the airport by road or rail, the city of Dusseldorf is awash with stunning historic buildings and contemporary architecture. It also offers an array of museums and galleries, as well as high-end shopping and fine dining. The city is also a great base for those wanting to explore the surrounding region.


For more information on this location, please click here.