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Refuelling ENEA on its expedition to Antarctica

Release date:
November 2022
We are delighted to once again be collaborating with the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) on their annual expedition to Antarctica.


We have provided refuelling services for ENEA’s annual expedition for 10 years and are proud to do so again this year. The refuelling of the PNRA chartered aircrafts took place for flights between Christchurch and Antarctica.


ENEA is responsible for the logistical planning of the expedition, which sees a total of 250 researchers and technicians travel to the Italian-French station of Concordia on the Antarctic plateau, located over 3,000m above sea level and to the Italian Station of Mario Zucchelli located in the Ross Sea Region. The expedition is expected to last four months. Research projects carried out cover topics related to astronomy, astrophysics, seismology, atmospheric physics, climatology, biology, geology, glaciology and medicine.  


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