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Refuelling with our self-serve machines in France

Release date:
November 2022
If you’re refuelling in France at one of our self-serve machines, here’s some helpful reminders to ensure no surprise tax charges.


Your Sterling card is accepted at hundreds of Air bp locations worldwide where you can purchase fuel with no pre-arrangement necessary. To make refuelling even easier and more efficient, many of our locations also have self-serve machines. Our self-serve machines recognise each individual Sterling card, which links to a specific aircraft, enabling the delivery of the correct fuel grade and reducing the risk of incorrect fuelling. 


When refuelling at a self-serve machine in France you will be prompted to select your next destination, and whether you are flying for private purposes. This will impact tax payments and therefore it is important that you input the correct data. When selecting your next destination where possible include an IATA or ICAO code to help with identification. If you are normally exempt, but you select ‘flying for private purposes’, tax will be charged and Air bp is unable to provide a refund after the end of the month if an incorrect selection has been made. Therefore, please take care when making your selection and inform us promptly if you believe an error has been made. 


In addition, please ensure the Sterling card is only used by the customer named on the card and for the aircraft detailed on the card (it cannot be used to purchase bulk fuel or to refuel other aircraft). If you are awaiting a card for a new aircraft you can use our ordering facility to purchase fuel on your Air bp account.


We are working closely with our airport partners to reiterate our fuelling protocols and procedures, but if you have further questions on refuelling with your Sterling card please contact us (you can do this by replying to the newsletter). 


For more information on our locations in France please click here.