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SAF lands at Memmingen

Release date:
October 2023
If you’re heading to Bavaria in southern Germany, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now refuel with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at Memmingen Airport (FMM/ EDJA). 


SAF has been available at this location since the beginning of October and is in addition to our supply of Jet A-1 and Avgas at the airport. It is served via a dedicated Air bp fuel truck and is available to all customers.

Please note if you would like to refuel with SAF at Memmingen we require notification two days in advance. This can be done by contacting stefan.klenke@de.bp.com or you can submit your request to the airport directly.

Situated approximately 4km from the centre of Memmingen, the airport, which is also known as Allgäu Airport, is a convenient alternative to Munich with dedicated handling services for business and general aviation customers. The airport also serves as a popular gateway for those wanting to visit the Bavarian Alps and Lake Constance. Meanwhile, the old town of Memmingen with its historic buildings and market square is one of the best-maintained medieval towns in Germany. 

For more information on this location, please click here