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Strengthening our presence in China

Release date:
May 2023
Martin Thomsen Air bp’s CEO and colleagues at Green Aviation Development Forum 2023
The end of March saw Martin Thomsen, Air bp’s CEO, travel to Weihai, for the Green Aviation Development Forum. While in China, Martin also took the opportunity to meet with our team and joint venture (JV) partners in the region.


Martin’s trip to China provided a fantastic opportunity to meet with Air bp’s JV partners including Southern China Bluesky, China National Aviation Forum, Shenzhen Airport Authority and refuellers in Shenzhen Chengyuan airports. He also met with our local team who have been supporting our JV partners in various aspects of safety.


According to the Green Aviation Development Forum, the event was the most significant sustainable aviation event to take place in China to date. It not only provided a great networking platform for Martin, but he also took to the stage to discuss how China has an important role to play in scaling sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and how bp is supporting stakeholders in the country as they transition to a lower carbon future.


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