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Touching down in northwestern Spain?

Release date:
July 2021
Panorama of Plaza de Regla and Leon Cathedral, Spain
If you’re heading to northwestern Spain and the Castilla y León region, then you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve added León Airport (LEN/ LELN) to our global network


Located just 6km from the city centre after which it is named, León Airport claims the title of the airport with the highest elevation in the Iberian Peninsula. A small hub primarily serving domestic scheduled air traffic, León is also a convenient option for business and general aviation traffic. Iberia Airport Services are on hand to cater for all your ground handling and passenger needs and the modern terminal has a restaurant and a small selection of boutiques. Jet A-1 is available at this location.


As well as being famed for its gastronomic scene, the city of León offers a combination of stunning historical architecture and a buzzing energy. The city’s gothic cathedral is a standout attraction as is the Basilica of San Isidoro. It is also awash with idyllic squares where you can while away hours sitting out and enjoying the warm Spanish sun.


For more information on this location, please click here.