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Where in the world am I?

Release date:
May 2021

Image of mystery city

While plenty of cities are located beside rivers, lakes and oceans, not many are found at the mouth of a fjord. Think you know which city we’re referring to? If not read on for more clues…

With its endless sunsets, abundance of green spaces and balmy temperatures, this city is perfect for alfresco living in the summer months. It’s also on a mission to become the most sustainable city in the world. In line with this mandate, we were delighted to mark a milestone at the main airport serving this city in 2010 when, alongside other industry stakeholders, we became the first to supply SAF through the airport’s existing fuelling infrastructure.



The city is… Oslo in Norway, which is served by Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL/ ENGM) and Oslo/ Kjeller Airport (ENKJ).


For more information on Oslo Gardermoen click here and on Oslo Kjeller click here.