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Where in the world am I?

Release date:
November 2021
Mystery location November 2021
Dangling below the Arctic Circle, this destination is fondly referred to as the home of Father Christmas. Home to 10% of the ice on the planet, more than 80% of this island is covered by an ice sheet with an average thickness of around 1.6km. Think you know the destination we’re referring to? Read on for more clues…


Despite temperatures dropping to below freezing at this time of year the winter months offer a good chance of seeing the spectacular northern lights (Aurora Borealis). Dog sledding tours and snowmobile safaris are also a popular activity here. Just be prepared for short days and long Polar nights at this time of year.


The destination is... Greenland, which is served by Kangerlussuaq Sondrestrom Airport (SFJ/ BGSF). Formerly a military air base this airport is now one of only two civilian airports in Greenland capable of handling large commercial airliners.


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