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Where in the world?

Release date:
June 2024
A popular holiday hotspot in the summer months, this captivating destination is the second-largest city on the German Baltic coast. It is situated on the banks of the Trave River and is about an hour‘s drive from Hamburg.


The city’s historic old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but its gothic architecture, historic charm and famous salt storehouses are complemented by a vibrant music scene, literary legacy and scenic waterfront. The birthplace of one of Germany’s most celebrated authors and Noble Prize winners, Thomas Mann, and home to one of the oldest puppet theatres in Germany, the city is also renowned for its marzipan, a delicious confection made from almond paste.


The destination we’re in this month is...  Lubeck, in Germany, which is served by Luebeck / Blankensee Airport (LBC / EDHL). The Airport is also a convenient alternative gateway to the nearby city of Hamburg for business and general aviation customers.