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Where in the world am I?

Release date:
March 2023
This month sees us exploring the fifth biggest island in the Mediterranean. Boasting more than 160 miles of beaches, this Aegean island’s history dates back some 4000 years to the Minoan civilisation and according to ancient mythology was the birthplace of Zeus.


Other claims to fame for this island include being home to Europe’s largest palm tree forest and more than 14 different varieties of olive trees. For culture vultures it is also home to the remains of the ancient Palace of Knossos, a fascinating archaeological museum housing Minoan art, vibrant cities and idyllic hillside villages. This April it is also hosting ACI Europe’s Regional Airport Conference and Exhibition. 


The destination we’re in this month is…. Crete, Greece, which is served by Heraklion Airport (HER/ LGIR), Chania International Airport (CHQ/ LGSA) and Sitia Airport (HER/ LGIR).