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Where in the world am I?

Where in the world am I?
Home to the spectacular ‘Shipwreck beach’ and also known by its Italian name ‘Zante’, this is the third largest island in the Ionian Sea. It is also a hotspot for turtles, which typically breed from April to August and can often be seen swimming along the beaches on the island’s Laganas Gulf. 


Think you know the city we’re referring to? Read on for more clues…


In Greek mythology the island was said to be named after the son of the legendary Arcadian chief Dardanus and it is fondly referred to as the ‘Flower of the Levant’ – a nickname given by the Venetians who were in possession of the island from 1484 to 1797. April is a great time to visit the island ahead of the busy summer season. 


The location we’re in this month is… Zakynthos, which is served by Zakynthos Dionysios Solomos Airport (ZTH/ LGZA). Operated by Fraport Greece, the airport has recently undergone an extensive renovation programme, which saw the refurbishment and remodelling of the terminal alongside various other developments.