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Where in the world?

Release date:
October 2023
The most populous city on the African continent and the largest in this West African country, this destination was also formerly the capital until 1992. It is known for its vibrant music scene and has a rich cultural heritage, as well as a thriving film industry referred to as Nollywood. 


Located on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, this city has an extensive network of lagoons and waterways. It is home to the second longest bridge in Africa and one of the continent’s largest and busiest ports. It is also home to one of the longest canopy walkways in Africa (401m), found at the Lekki Conservation Centre.  


The city we’re in this month is… Lagos in Nigeria, which is served by Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS/ DNMM). Open 24 hours, the airport was initially built during World War II and is named after the fourth military ruler of Nigeria.