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bp and Qantas collaborate to advance net zero emissions

Release date:
March 2021
We are excited to have formed a strategic partnership with Qantas to further advance our net zero ambitions and contribute to the development and distribution of SAF in Australia

This exciting collaboration with Australia’s flag-carrying airline will see bp working alongside Qantas on opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in the aviation sector. It will also enable us to contribute to the development of a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Australia.

Together we will explore opportunities and projects in areas including advanced sustainable fuels, advocacy for further decarbonisation in the aviation sector, renewable power solutions and generation, carbon management and emerging technologies.


Commenting on the collaboration William Lin, bp’s executive vice president, regions, cities and solutions, said:


“At bp, we're focusing on working with corporates in key industrial sectors that currently have significant carbon emissions to manage and need to decarbonise - sectors such as aviation."


“By bringing our complementary capabilities together, we can help each other, and our customers, move at a faster pace on the energy transition journey. We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Qantas on plans to reach net zero while continuing to deepen our existing relationship.”


For more information on our locations in Australia click here.