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Can you name that airport?

Can you name that airport?
Do you know which airport is known as a ‘lighthouse’ for sustainable aviation, or which alpine hub is just a snowball’s throw from some of the most famous French ski resorts? Put your airport trivia to the test and see if you can name these three airports from across our global network? 


  1. Dedicated to business, civil and leisure flights, this airport is a gateway to the Alps. It is situated a snowball’s throw away from some of the most famous French ski resorts. It’s less than 4km from the city after which it is named in France’s Haute-Savoie region. Small, but perfectly formed it has a great restaurant with views over the runway and the snow-covered mountains beyond. 
  2. One of the oldest international hubs in Europe, this airport has sustainability high on its agenda and is being called a ‘lighthouse airport’ for carbon-free airports of the future. The airport is leading a consortium with 14 other European partners, including Air bp, to develop specific solutions and create a comprehensive concept for designing tomorrow’s airport. This will include providing infrastructure for the aircraft of the future, which may be electric or powered by hydrogen or other sustainable fuels. 
  3. Built by the US military during World War II, this airport originally opened in March 1943. Ever since then, it has played an integral role as an important stop-over destination between North America and Europe. The airport terminal features extensive glass facades offering spectacular views. If you’re lucky in the winter months you might even catch the mesmerising aurora borealis as they dance across the night sky.   


Did you guess correctly?

The airports in question are... 

  1. Annecy Mont Blanc Airport in France (NCY/ LFLP)
  2. Copenhagen Kastrup Airport in Denmark (CPH/ EKCH)
  3. Keflavik International Airport in Iceland (KEF/ BIKF).