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Can you name that airport?

Release date:
September 2020
Can you name that airport montage
Do you know which airport was featured in British singer Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Beautiful People’ or which air transport hub is known as the ‘jewel’ in Asia Pacific’s aviation crown? For more clues and to put your airport trivia to the test, see if you can name these five airports from across our global network.
  1. Equidistant from the neighbouring cities of Zaragoza and Barcelona this airport is a work of art. The striped outer walls of the control tower, as well as the roof of the terminal have been deliberately designed to reflect the colours and textures of the local landscape. The airport was featured in British singer Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Beautiful People’ which was released in 2019. 
  2. This airport has evolved significantly since first opening with its original terminal – a converted aircraft hangar – affectionately named the ‘tin shed’. It’s now well known for its award-winning ‘Rock’ terminal, which features an edgy, angular steel structure.
  3. Known as the ‘jewel’ in Asia Pacific’s aviation crown, this airport was officially opened in 1981 and has been expanding ever since. It’s now home to more than 1,000 butterflies, a 6m tall waterfall and its own rainforest. It also features a four-storey-high slide, a canopy bridge suspended 23 metres above the ground and a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the runway.
  4. Named after an aviation pioneer, this airport is famed as having one of the most scenic landing approaches in the world. The runway was originally built on a land fill over the Atlantic Ocean in 1934. Aircraft are greeted by some of the shortest runways in the world, as well as the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay when they land here.
  5. Frequently described as having one of the most striking passenger terminals in the world, this airport is a gateway to an ancient city. Reflecting traditional Islamic design, the arabesque patterns in the airport’s façade cast beautiful shadows across its entrance. The steel roof juts out 24m over the front of the terminal building with photovoltaic panels built into it to help power the terminal.


Did you guess correctly? The airports in question are...


1. Lleida-Alguaire Airport (ILD/ LEDA) in Spain.

2. Wellington International Airport (WLG/ NZWN) in New Zealand.

3. Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore (SIN/ WSSS).

4. Santos Dumont Airport (SDU/ SBRJ) in Rio de Janeiro.

5. Marrakech-Menara International Airport (RAK/ GMMX) in Morocco.