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Carlisle’s reopening is a soaring success

Release date:
September 2019
Carlisle Lake District Airport entrance driveway
Having reopened to general aviation in August 2018, Carlisle Lake District Airport (CAX/ EGNC) has gone from strength to strength. In July the gateway to Cumbria and the UK’s stunning Lake District region welcomed commercial aviation passengers for the first time in 25 years


Ahead of its reopening the airport underwent a period of expansion and redevelopment, with support from Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership’s investment of £4.95 million. Improvements include a new terminal and runway. 

What’s more, in recognition of the airport’s dedication to providing an accessible and attractive hub for general aviation customers, Carlisle Lake District was awarded the Best General Aviation Airport Award by the Airport Operators Association (AOA) in October 2018. 

Aside from its strategic location it offers general aviation customers a professional executive handling service. Facilities include a VIP lounge, flight planning and weather reports, hangar space, apron transfers, helicopter charters and concierge services.