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Cascais welcomes increase in fuel sales

Release date:
December 2019
 Small BP fuel storage facility next to Cascais airport
Situated around 30km from the centre of Lisbon, Cascais Airport (CAT/ LPCS) is emerging as a popular alternative for those flying in and out of the Portuguese capital


With Lisbon seeing significant growth in commercial passenger traffic – in 2018 the airport surpassed 29m passengers for the first time in its history – general aviation slots are being reduced at the busy international hub. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in fuel sales at Cascais Airport of 44% over the last two years.


Small but perfectly formed, Cascais offers a selection of FBOs to cater for general aviation customers. It is also the only airfield on the Portuguese mainland to achieve CAT III certification meaning that aircraft can land in any weather and zero visibility thanks to the Instrument Landing System (ILS).


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