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Expanding our presence in China

Release date:
September 2019
People standing at the signing event of the extension of Air BP and CNAF collaboration
In July we extended our collaboration with China National Aviation Fuel Group (CNAF). We signed a joint venture agreement to operate a general aviation fuel business covering Sichuan Province, Guizhou Province and Chongqing Municipality


With the Chinese government expecting general aviation in China to continue growing with a fleet size exceeding 5,000 aircraft by 2020, the aim of the joint venture is to support this growth and help it continue on an upward trend in the future.  Our latest agreement follows a successful existing collaboration with CNAF in China’s commercial aviation sector through its Shenzhen Chengyuan Aviation Oil Co. Ltd. and South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Co. Ltd joint ventures. 

This newly-signed joint venture agreement not only underlines our continued confidence and commitment in the Chinese market, but also reaffirms our dedication to support the transformation of China’s industry through innovation and growth.

Commenting on this exciting next chapter in China’s general aviation sector, Zhou Qiang, chairman of CNAF said:


“Although China’s general aviation is still in its early stage, we are confident that it will grow into a towering tree and become the two wings of China’s aviation industry together with commercial aviation. The cooperation between CNAF and Air BP will support the development of China’s general aviation industry.”