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Fuelling is now even easier in Crete

Release date:
September 2019
Aerial view of Sitia Airport's new fuel facility's building site
If you have customers heading to the Greek island of Crete, they will be pleased to hear that fuelling is now even easier at Sitia Airport (JSH/ LGST). It has opened a brand-new fixed fuel facility of 80 m3 JET-A1 capacity


The island is a popular holiday hotspot and the airport is ideally situated on the eastern side of the island 2km from the idyllic harbour town of Sitia and close to the stylish resorts of Agios Nicolaos and Lerapetra. Conveniently Sitia also offers a less congested alternative to some of the island’s other airports and is open seven days a week in the high season.


To find out more about this location click here and as with all our locations you can see pricing and order fuel in advance on the RocketRoute MarketPlace app.