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Keeping Beira Airport open after Cyclone Idai

Release date:
September 2019
Aerial view of a runway at sunset
Earlier this year in March Cyclone Idai caused extensive damage in Mozambique, displacing thousands of people and devastating local communities with an estimated 550 individuals losing their lives. Our fuels supply and logistics staff members at Beira Airport were among those impacted by the cyclone. Despite being personally affected, the team remained operational and were instrumental in ensuring that the airport reopened and that aircraft could be safely refuelled enabling relief operations to take place


Keeping the airport operational so that relief and humanitarian efforts to deliver emergency supplies and fly rescue missions by helicopter to rescue victims left stranded by the cyclone were critical. These efforts were dependent on a reliable aviation fuel supply chain, which was no mean feat given the fuel terminal was damaged and the other fuel supplier at the airport was unable to operate due to equipment failure. 

The challenge for our team at Beira was not only to deal with their own personal devastation, which for some included their homes being destroyed, but also to keep the airport supplied with fuel from the damaged fuel terminal and to ensure effective management of fuel stock. Our South African team also went above and beyond, taking their own initiative to charter an aircraft to deliver much needed emergency supplies to our staff in Beira. 

Not only did our team’s efforts ensure that fuel was supplied for emergency relief efforts, but they also continued to supply fuel to normal scheduled customers. Relief efforts in Mozambique are ongoing.

We hope you will join us in extending our thanks to all those involved in the relief efforts at Beira Airport and in Mozambique. Our thoughts are with all our customers, their families, friends, our colleagues and people of Mozambique affected by the Cyclone Idai.