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UL91 now available in Hannover and Lubeck

Release date:
December 2019
From left to right, location images of Hannover and Lubeck airports
If you have customers flying to Hannover-Langenhagen (HAJ/ EDDV) or Lubeck (LBC/ EDHL) in Germany, they can now refuel with UL91 at both airports. Jet A-1 and Avgas are also available at both airports


Suitable for around 55% of aircraft UL91 is already available at specific airports in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France. UL91 has been specifically designed as a dedicated aviation fuel providing an alternative to Mogas. It’s also worth noting that Hannover is the only airport in northern Germany operating 24 hours a day and is well located to access the city and surrounding region by rail or road. Lubeck meanwhile is a convenient alternative to Hamburg Airport, as it’s located just over 30 miles northeast of the city.


Top tips on why your customers should chose UL91 over Mogas.


  • It has an assured energy content with no alcohols or ethers which may reduce aircraft range.
  • It has a fixed volatility range and is designed to work year-round.
  • It doesn’t contain ethanol which can damage aircraft fuel system components, so is better for your aircraft. 

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