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Unleaded Avgas now available in Spain

Release date:
March 2020
Unleaded Avgas now available in Spain
We are delighted to have signed an agreement to supply fuel to one of the biggest independent training centres, BAA Training, in Spain


The agreement includes the supply of unleaded Avgas (UL91) for BAA Training’s fleet, which is based out of Lleida Alguaire International Airport (ILD/ LEDA).

What are the advantages of UL91?


It has a fixed volatility range and is designed to work year-round with no seasonal variations. It doesn’t contain ethanol, which is known to damage fuel system components and has an assured energy content as there are no alcohols or ethers which could reduce aircraft range. These factors combined mean extended periods between maintenance, which is always good for your customers!

What’s more, as a dedicated and approved aviation fuel providing an alternative to Mogas, UL91 is cleaner for the environment and meets international specifications overseen by the aviation industry. 

Our agreement with BAA Training to bulk supply UL91 is an exciting step for Air BP as it signals one of the first aviation academies in southern Europe to use unleaded Avgas.


The flight school is headquartered in Lithuania, but its training centres are found in Ho Chi Min Airport in Vietnam, Henan province in China and Vilnius in Lithuania as well as Lleida Alguaire in Spain.


For more information about BAA Training please visit: https://www.baatraining.com/