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Air bp surpasses 500,000 overwing fuellings using Airfield Automation safe2go misfuel prevention app

Release date:
14 July 2022
Air bp surpasses 500,000 overwing fuellings using Airfield Automation safe2go misfuel prevention app
  • Air bp completes over 500,000 overwing fuellings through its Airfield Automation safe2go app misfuel prevention technology.
  • Airfield Automation has now been deployed at 490 locations in 44 countries around the world. 


Air bp, the international aviation fuel products and services supplier, has surpassed a major milestone by completing over 500,000 overwing fuellings using its Airfield Automation misfuel prevention technology through its safe2go app. With misfuelling presenting one of the significant risks facing aviation, Air bp’s Airfield Automation safe2go technology is pioneering the provision of an engineering barrier to actively help prevent misfuelling. The 500,000th refuelling took place at Hamburg Airport (HAM/EDDH) in Germany.   


Airfield Automation was first rolled out in 2018 and has now been deployed at more than 490 locations in 44 countries around the world. Since launching, over 2.8 million fuellings in total have been processed using Airfield Automation. 


Olivia Stone, vice president technical services and HSSE, Air bp said: “We are delighted that more than 500,000 overwing fuellings have benefited from our safe2go app misfuel prevention technology. Not only does Airfield Automation safe2go technology provide an additional technological barrier to help prevent misfuelling but it also enhances efficiency and reliability in refuelling operations. These combined benefits are attractive to both operators within the bp network and those outside who are looking for this type of technology.”



The ‘safe2go’ app on a handheld device in fuelling vehicles consolidates data on airport fuelling operations, verifies fuelling requirements and captures an acknowledging signature from the pilot or airline representative. Aside from the enhanced safety barrier, operators benefit from faster, more comprehensive and more accurate fuelling as well as data delivery. 


In 2021 new services were added to the cloud-based platform meaning operators can benefit from the opportunity to further enhance efficiency. These upgrades include real-time, two-way connection between the flight crew and fuel operator during the aircraft turnaround at the airfield. From receiving the preliminary order through to a revised final order and concluding with an electronic ticket sign off, Airfield Automation provides instant visibility and more efficient refuelling operations.  

Editor's notes

About Air bp:

As the aviation division of bp, Air bp is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aviation fuel products and services. It has been investing in the aviation industry for more than 90 years to keep people flying safely around the world. In 2019 we supplied over 6.7 billion gallons of aviation fuel, fuelling over 7,000 flights per day at over 700 locations in more than 55 countries – that’s more than five planes a minute.


Its customers include commercial airlines, the military, business and private aircraft owners, airports and airfield operators. Air bp has a wide range of services to support its fuel offer including the design, build and operation of fuelling facilities, technical consultancy and training, low carbon solutions, the Sterling Card for efficient general aviation refuelling and innovative digital platforms to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

For more information, go to www.airbp.com

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