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Air BP inaugurates new fuel farm at Den Helder Airport in the Netherlands

Release date:
4 April 2014
David Gilmour Air BP CEO with Conny van den Hoff Director Den Held

Leading international aviation fuel supplier, Air BP, today (April 4th) inaugurated its brand new fuel farm at Den Helder Airport (DHR) in the Netherlands – home to one of the largest offshore heliports in north-west Europe. The fuel farm installed by Air BP represents an investment of around €1 million and follows Air BP’s take-over of fuel operations at the airport in September 2012. The facility will provide a fit for purpose fuel farm serving core business customers including CHC Helicopters Netherlands, NHV, HeliHolland and DanCopter as they transport offshore personnel to and from oil and gas producing platforms in the North Sea.


The new 10-month build which was completed in February, involved moving and expanding the existing fuel farm – a project which required considerable technical expertise, project management skill and teamwork on Air BP’s behalf. Air BP secured the new fuel operations business at Den Helder based on its ability to offer a full package of technical expertise including project management, equipment maintenance and services to support the airport’s future expansion plans. In addition to the increase in fuelling facilities required to support a further four helipads, Den Helder Airport also plans to develop its charter and airline business to serve offshore destinations such as Aberdeen and Esbjerg. Air BP’s new fuel operation at Den Helder is set to significantly increase its General Aviation (GA) business in the Netherlands and further optimize its logistics in the area.


Speaking to assembled customers, partners and industry guests at Den Helder Airport, Air BP Chief Executive Officer, David Gilmour said: “We are delighted to complete the new fuel farm at Den Helder which represents a significant investment for Air BP in the Netherlands and demonstrates our wide ranging technical capabilities. It is our intention to continue to grow in this market through our dedicated local team and building on our technical and operational strengths.”


He thanked Den Helder Airport, CHC Helicopters Netherlands and contractor, Mokobouw for their dedicated cooperation and teamwork in the accomplishment of this project.

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