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Air-bp Jio expands in India with new location at Rajkot International Airport

Release date:
13 November 2023
Air bp has expanded its operations through its Joint Venture, air bp-Jio in India with a new fuel facility at the all-new Rajkot International Airport. The business has completed 575 fuellings since it went live at the end of September 2023.
Air-bp Jio expands in India with new location at Rajkot International Airport

Air bp, the international aviation fuel products and service supplier, is pleased to share news that it has expanded its operations through the Joint Venture (JV), air bp-Jio, in India with a new fuel facility at the brand-new Rajkot International Airport (Hirasar).


Rajkot International Airport (HSR/VAHS) is an international hub and a greenfield airport at Hirasar in the state of Gujarat, serving the city of Rajkot and the Saurashtra region. Owned by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), it is capable of handling around 2800 passengers during peak hours. It is air bp-Jio’s 31st airport location in India.


Air bp-Jio began fuelling operations at Rajkot International Airport at the end of September with 575 fuellings completed to date. Air bp-Jio worked to a tight schedule to secure regulatory approvals and deliver fueling facilities at Rajkot International Airport in good time for the airport to officially begin operations on September 10, after it was inaugurated on 27 July by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This represents phase one of air bp-Jio’s new facility at Rajkot International Airport and follows the Indian Government’s decision to develop the airport into a large international airport to keep pace with demand.


India has the third largest domestic aviation market globally and is poised to become the third largest and one of the fastest growing aviation markets after the US and China. The country is currently home to some 140 operational airports. It is anticipated that this figure will grow to 220 in the near term which represents a rapid expansion up from 74 airports in 2014.


“Air bp-Jio excelled in making the fuel station ready in a short space of time with all regulatory compliances and approvals. The successful commencement of flight operations at Rajkot International Airport was very much dependent on air bp-Jio’s service. The team worked hard and met the target, as promised,” said, Diganta Borah, airport director, Rajkot International Airport.


Earlier this year, air bp-Jio was voted the best fuel provider in India by the International Council of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). This underlines air bp-Jio’s efforts to provide an enhanced and more efficient fuelling service in India with a strategy focused on safety, on-time performance, digitized fuelling services, and supply reliability. The air bp-Jio JV aims to be the partner of choice for all stakeholders in the aviation fuel business in the country.

About Air bp


As the aviation division of bp, Air bp is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aviation fuel products and services. It has been investing in the aviation industry for more than 90 years to keep people flying safely around the world. In 2019 we supplied over 6.7 billion gallons of aviation fuel, fuelling over 7,000 flights per day at over 700 locations in more than 55 countries – that’s more than five planes a minute.   


Its customers include commercial airlines, the military, business and private aircraft owners, airports and airfield operators. Air bp has a wide range of services to support its fuel offer including the design, build and operation of fuelling facilities, technical consultancy and training, solutions to potentially help customers with direct and indirect carbon emissions savings, the Sterling card for efficient general aviation refuelling and innovative digital platforms to increase efficiency and reduce risk. 


For more information, go to www.airbp.com   

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