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Avantto and Air BP collaborate in carbon offsetting program for business aviation

Release date:
17 May 2018
Avantto Aircraft Administration, in collaboration with Air BP
  • Aircraft management company Avantto has launched a pioneering initiative in Brazil, in collaboration with Air BP, to offset the carbon emissions related to their use of aviation fuel.
  • The carbon emissions will be offset by BP Target Neutral, a well-established program that invests in carbon reduction projects around the world.
  • The initiative reaffirms Avantto's commitment to sustainability and builds on existing initiatives to reduce their carbon emissions.

Avantto Aircraft Administration, in collaboration with Air BP, announces a pioneering program in Brazil to offset carbon emissions in the business aviation sector. The carbon emissions related to the use of all of the aviation fuel supplied by Air BP to Avantto for the next 12 months will be offset via BP Target Neutral, in line with the companies’ commitment to a lower carbon future.


Through our partnership with Air BP, we have taken another step in our sustainability journey. Now, in addition to benefits such as safety, availability and convenience, our clients will also have the carbon emissions from the aviation fuel used in their flights offset, thereby responding in a practical way to the climate challenges.Rogério AndradeAvantto’s CEO


Avantto performs more than 750 take-offs per month, accumulating more than 4,500 flight hours per year, for about 400 users. Concerns about sustainability are at the heart of Avantto's business model.  Through shared flights between clients, it is possible to optimize aircraft occupancy by reducing fuel consumption and the number of "empty legs". Also, Avantto operates in one of the world's most modern heliports – HBR Aviation, whose construction respected and prioritized a minimum environmental impact.

The program will be launched on June 1, 2018, and initially run for one year, with the possibility of being extended into the future. This is Air BP's first carbon offsetting offer for business aviation customers in Brazil and complements its carbon neutral into-plane fueling operations at 250 directly operated locations around the world, including a number of locations in Brazil such as Sao Paulo Guarulhos and Rio de Janeiro Galeao international airports.


In addition to finding ways to reduce our own carbon emissions, we work closely with our customers to develop innovative offers that support them in the transition to a lower carbon future. We are proud to launch this initiative in Brazil in collaboration with Avantto, which gives business aviation customers the opportunity to reduce the carbon impact of flying.Ricardo PaganiniGeneral Manager, Air BP South America


All the carbon emissions related to use of the aviation fuel supplied by Air BP to Avantto will be offset through BP Target Neutral.  The carbon emission reductions from its global portfolio of projects are independently verified and monitored in line with the ICROA (International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance) Code of Best Practice. Projects within the BP Target Neutral portfolio have been assessed on the basis of their contribution to reducing carbon emissions and their potential to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, for example, through their potential to help improve livelihoods for the communities they are based in through various educative, economic and social benefits.

Air BP operator refuels aircraft

Editor's notes - about Avantto


  • Founded in 2011, Avantto offers the best executive aircraft management solutions available, giving customers the pleasure of piloting their aircraft safely, on time, and worry-free, and all for a fraction of the cost. 
  • For more information, go to www.avantto.com.br


Editor's notes - about Air BP


  • As the aviation division of BP, Air BP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aviation fuel products and services. We have been investing in the aviation industry for over 90 years and currently supply around six and a half billion gallons of aviation fuel a year. We fuel over 6,000 flights a day, at around 900 locations in more than 50 countries – that’s more than four every minute.
  • Present in Brazil since 2002, Air BP currently operates in 26 airports in the main cities of the country, including Guarulhos, Viracopos, Galeão, Brasília and Recife, providing fuel supply services for general aviation, commercial aviation and military operations. 

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