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BP expanding important logistics facility - Mainz-Gustavsburg storage depot

Release date:
19 June 2013
Mainz-Gustavsburg storage depot

BP Europa SE has expanded its Mainz-Gustavsburg storage depot at Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (Hesse). During a construction period spanning two years, the company has built a new tank with a storage capacity of approx. 25,000 cubic metres which is to be used for the transshipment of Jet A-1 aviation fuel (kerosene). The new facility was officially opened with a festive ceremony today.

Expanding the storage depot’s capacity underlines its importance for supplying Germany’s largest airport as well as the whole Rhein-Main region: Based on Mainz-Gustavsburg’s arithmetical total transshipment capacity, about 40 per cent of Frankfurt Airport’s annual jet fuel demand could be handled by the depot. As one of only two depots it also is directly linked to Frankfurt Airport by pipeline.

"By expanding the Mainz-Gustavsburg storage depot we are further strengthening our market position in Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main region as a whole," says Alexander Junge, Leader of the North-Central Europe Performance Unit at Air BP, BP’s worldwide business segment for aviation fuels. "Our customers – German and international airlines in both the passenger and cargo business – benefit from being supplied with large quantities of Jet A-1 quickly, safely and reliably," Junge adds.

Following its expansion, the storage depot now comprises five kerosene tanks with a total capacity of 75,000 cubic metres (75 million litres). Other petroleum products such as Diesel, gasoline and heating oil are stored in the remaining 23 tanks at Gustavsburg. The new tank’s arithmetical transshipment capacity amounts to approx. 700,000 cubic metres (700 million litres) per year. This quantity is equivalent to refuelling an A380, the world’s largest aircraft, about 2250 times in total. Apart from Frankfurt Airport, Mainz-Gustavsburg also supplies the airports at Hahn, Stuttgart and Zürich with aviation fuels.

The storage depot’s supply security is ensured by it being linked to the RMR-Pipeline (Rhein-Main-Rohrleitungstransportgesellschaft), which in turn is directly linked to Rotterdam. The site is conveniently located right at the river Rhine in the heart of the Rhein-Main region and can be reached easily by road, rail and barge.


Mainz-Gustavsburg storage depot – facts and figures


  • Number of tanks: 28, five of which are used for storing kerosene 
  • Area: 150,000 square metres 
  • Total capacity: 311,000 cubic metres 
  • Transshipment volume per year: 3,360,038 cubic metres 
  • Jet A-1 transshipment volume per year: 2.1 million cubic metres (approx. 2.1 billion cubic metres
  • Capacity of new tank: 25,000 cubic metres (approx. 25 million litres) 
  • Owner: BP Europa SE (operated by Transtank GmbH) 
  • Petroleum products stored: Jet A-1, gasoline, Diesel, heating oil, Fame, HTMD and ethanol


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