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Welcome to BP Plus

BP is the successful primary supplier for Contract SS-04-2015* for the supply of card fuel and associated services managed by the State of Victoria through the Department of Treasury and Finance starting January 1, 2016
A night time view of a brightly lite forecourt and BP Ultimate petrol pumps, with a close up of an illuminated BP logo on the canopy of a BP service station in Astwick, UK.

Contract SS-04-2015 is available to Victorian Government agencies, local Government Authorities, Government Owned Corporations, Statutory Authorities and approved non Government Organisations.


To take advantage of BP Plus card benefits and pricing, please download and complete the Victorian Government BP Plus application form and return to the following address:


BP Plus Sales Team
BP Australia
Reply Paid 5222
Melbourne VIC 8060

Key advantages of BP Plus include:

  • No transaction fees and no card fees
  • Government contracted pricing
  • An extensive service station network, including over 300 BP branded service stations across VIC
  • Online account management tool with simple online card ordering and cancellation
  • Flexible card controls
  • Dedicated BP government customer support

Please download the BP Plus Application form for your organisation.


BP Plus Cards can be ordered using the BP Plus Online system. A unique template for each organisation can be downloaded from this system.


The BP Plus Card Reference Guide will assist you in placing your first order.


The BP Plus Product Restriction Matrix will explain the product restrictions that can be applied to BP Plus Cards.


Designed for everyday drivers, BP Everywhere Site Locator is perfect those who drive a little, or a lot! Use it to find any store across the country, or just those near to you. You can also plan a journey using the inbuilt Trip Planner.

Dedicated Government enquiries
Phone: 1800 337 505

Email: bpgovernment@bp.com

* Contract SS-04-2015 is the Deed of Agreement entered into by BP Australia Pty Ltd and the State of Victoria for supply of card fuel and associated services.

If you would like further details of this agreement please email marco.martini@dtf.vic.gov.au.